Fiefs of Ardesca

Caliphate of Al Madeena 

Al Madeena is the founding fief of Ardesca and has given birth to our realms first Monarch, its First Knight, and has been at the fore front of growing our realm.  Al Madeena is known for its mighty soldiers, beautiful dancers, and skilled artisans.  Al Madeena is based primarily in the Seattle Metro area and welcomes all travelers to come and study, train, and enjoy medievalist activities with them.

Lord- Calipha Saida Anatharin

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Al Madeena's Charter



Fortress Viadrina

The Viadrina Fortress is a military outpost along the Amber Road, established to protect the surrounding area and keep trade within the Kingdom open and thriving. The Fortress covers the lower mainland of British Columbia and is home to wide variety of artisans, performers and soldiers.  They primarily meet once a week in Abbotsford and Surrey to train their guards in combat, as well as offer a range of different classes to build skills, trades and hobbies. 

Lord-Dvoryanin Lydia HalfDragon 

Lady-Dvorianka Lumyn Vale

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Viadrinna's Charter


Hrafn Halda

We are the Stronghold Hrafn Halda, hailing from Bellingham, WA.  We are a branch in the Kingdom of Ardesca of The Empire of Medieval Pursuits. The focus of our Stronghold is to provide a fortified location for our forces to gather from afar, providing for the defense of our lands. Collectively we are warriors, artisans, crafts folk, historians & entertainers who strive to learn and perfect all the skills to be had.

Lady-Aloya Menher

Lord- Iason Grønn-Drengr

Hrafn Halda Website

Hrafn Halda Charter


Barony of Arandor

Arandor is a feudal Barony within the Kingdom of Ardesca dedicated to the re-creation of Western European culture through the middle ages.  Arandor strives to recreate the culture, art, music, and martial tradition of medieval Europe through regular combat practices, bardic gatherings, artistic class's and demonstrations.  The Barony spans from Snohomish to Whatcom County.

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Home to all things Barbarian, Aquilonia explores the primal side of early culture and has a very special affinity for the Legendary Barbarian Conan.  Known for brutal pit fighting, glorious feasts, and savage warriors Aquilonia is a far flung domain of Ardesca located in Florida.

Lords-Baldar and Tinker, High Priests of Set

Aquilonias Webiste

Aquilonias Charter




Wolfwood Shire

Wolfwood Shire represents a river side village in the far north of England along the Scottish border.  Wolfwood houses many artisans, woodsmen, archers, and hunters.  In the Northern Wilds, the shire is a safe haven to travelers, and a bastion of strength to keep the north of Ardesca safe.  The Shire holds the lands of Kamloops British Columbia.

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Karma Legio Outpost

Karma Legio is a Roman themed Fief of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits; The First Allied Fief to the Arch Duchy of Astaroth. We are an Outpost of Warriors, Centurions, Artisans, Amazons, and Citizens alike, based on the outskirts of the Empire in Britannia. A creative vein runs through our fief, from the battle arts to the creative arts. As an Outpost on the edge of the Empire we have opened trade and hospitality to some of the local people and merchants from across the known world.  Join us at our fires to tell the tales of your adventures, and plan the ones to come.

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The Abbey of the Wailing War Widows

The abbey of the Wailing War Widows is Ardesca’s premier charitable institution. Home to the very accommodating and most Blessed Order of the Stryped Mercy, it caters to the eclectic needs of the widows and orphans of the many wars throughout the land both foreign and domestic. Supplicants to the order are approved on an event by event basis and all in need of aid the Abbey may provide are welcome to seek it within its humble domain.


Lord-Abbess Seraphina Delysiae

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The Abbey's Charter  

Savage Lands

We the clans of the Savage Lands, are they who exist in the times of Legends. We are they who dwell in early history,when man still walked amongst the gods. We specialize in early period persona and interests. We strive to recreate living history with interests from pre-Bronze age to the times when legends of Atlantes existed. The Savage lands are the wilds of the world, when man was more set against nature, and concerned with survival rather then the game's of kingdoms. Ruled by elected leaders the Kreiger , and the Mogur. We are the mountain men/women of the days gone by.

Lord-Kreiger Ulfblood Berserk

Savage Land Website

Savage Land Charter




 Cadair Idris

The Stedding of Cadair Idris was founded by Welsh mercenaries and their families. Veterans of the campaigns of Crecy and Poitiers, they became disillusioned with the established order that was powerless against to the Black Death, and returned to their homelands, some returning to their traditional beliefs. We welcome any refugees of  this war- and plague-ravaged world who find their way across the marshes to our mountain.  Our artisans pursue the arts and crafts of their forbearers; while the warriors maintain  their skills with blade and bow, ever ready to defend their territory…or enlarge it,  when the time is right…Until that day, come fight, drink and dance and howl at the moon  around the watchfires as the mist rises.Cadair Idris-the wilder side of the 14th Century. 

Cadair Idris is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located in New York City.

Lord-Chieftain Olàfr Fasthaldi





 The Exarchs

The Exarchs are priestly judges, comprised of former leaders within the Kingdom of Ardesca, dedicated to the study of science and divinity. Through understanding our past and exploring our future, the members of the Exarchs shall be vigilant in assisting others in establishing good order through study and preserving the values of our society while always looking to the future. As former leaders, the Exarchs are resolute in utilizing their acquired knowledge to further the Kingdom and it's peoples.

The Grand Monastery of the Exarchs is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located deep within the tranquil foothills of the Cascade Mountain range. 





 Clan Volos

Clan Volos is a Marauder themed Branch Allied with the Arch Duchy of Astaroth, and as such, place our vote within the Astaroth Council of Elders and the House Of Lords. Spanning a vast realm from Kiruna, Norway, down to Sarai, the beginning of the Silk Road. Existing between 1000 AD, and 1400 AD, Clan Volos saw the rise and fall of the Golden Horde, and having traveled most of the old world, we have adopted many forms of combat. Volos is comprised of two houses: The Mangudai and House Audnheim.  We are households of Warriors, Mercenaries, and Crafters. We strive to expand the glory of Astorath's flames by improving our skills of war and peace.

Clan Volos is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located in the Lake Stevens, WA area. 

Lady-Lady Haxa




 High Guard

HighGuard is a mercenary group based in the time of the 100 years war (1330s-1450s). At three pence a day a mercenary can live well and indulge in the spoils of plunder, but blood must first spill to fill a cup with mead... hence the cup and dagger.We are practitioners of target bow, throwing knife and throwing axe. As well as melee combat including heavy rattan, rapier/cut and thrust, and freestyle Kendo. We camp, fight and feast taking part in local medieval gatherings.

HighGuard is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located in BC Canada

Lord-Lord Captain Christian McLaughlin 

 Lady-Lady Anne McLaughlin




 Company of the White Wolf

The Company of the White Wolf is a Yukon based medieval combat group that practices medieval European martial arts, wilderness skills, period hunts, and the knightly arts and sciences. We strive for historical accuracy, and have set our group's main interest era roughly between the years 1350 and 1450 a.D., in western Europe. We practice medieval fighting in armour, in the style of the great tourneys of the period: full contact with blunt steel weapons, as organized by the IMCF and HMB associations. it takes good, solid armour, hard training, commitment, and a lot of research. Outside of the lists, we strive for accuracy in our civilian clothing, implements and camps. We encourage, and expect, knightly behavior from all our members, inside and outside of the lists, always. if you think you have what it takes to join our ranks, we shall see you at the lists!

Company of the White Wolf is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located in the Yukon, Canada.

Lord:  Sir Aeon Snowthorn






 House of the Bloody Raven

We are Viking(ish) farmers from around 950 AD. A household of the EMP. We are generally Friendly farmers, but we have been known to lend our arms for a just cause (or the right price.) We do get restless. We are spread out around the beautiful Skagit Valley with Mt. Vernon currently the center of our presence.

The House of the Bloody Raven is an authorized branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits located in Sedro Woolley, WA

Lord-Raven Bjorn Ragnarsson 






 Travellers Rest

The purpose of the Travellers Rest is to provide a home; a place for the strong, the weak, and the homeless. To give hope,when all hope is gone. To give to the Kingdom a place to teach the Art of Combat, as well as the Gentle Arts such as Wood Working, Leather Crafting , Cooking, Sewing, and many others, of the times of our kingdom. We are a collective of people from all around the world. Travellers in between destinations. A few Danes, Normans, Irish, Germans, Saxons and many others. The timelines that reside in Travellers Rest Seems to Date back to 100 CA according to the standing Grey stones nearby to are current year 1800 (huh? Can you clean up this statement?) Populace (Paid EMP members), that Reside in the lands of Travellers Rest, shall be free to farm, nurture the lands, and grow households; with the understanding that the lands they farm and protect are for the Crown and the Shire. The same will be for those Travellers that don’t live with in Travellers Rest homelands but call it home.

The Travellers Rest shall reside within a 50 mile radius of 366 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Lord:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Travellers Rest Website

Travellers Rest Charter