Royal Court of Ardesca


  • Queen Aloya Menher

Royal Retinue:

  • Warlord of Ardesca: Fenris Kriegsang
  • First Citizen of Ardesca: Tayissa Asra
  • Royal Artist in Residence: Nadirah
  • Royal Guard: Feniri Yellowhand
  • High Constable: Iason Groundrenger

Offices of the Crown:

  • Royal Chamberlain: Caolan O'Domnhaill
  • Royal Chronicler: Tierany Seriflame
  • Keeper of the Royal Seal: Vjen Valsdottir
  • Royal Steward: Seraphina Delysiae


Royal Chamberlain:  The Royal Chamberlain is responsible for the maintenance of the royal treasury and the collection of taxation from the domains of the kingdom. Contact Royal Chamberlain at

Royal Chronicler:  The Royal Chronicler is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of official kingdom records.  This includes the accurate reporting of awards administered or revoked by the crown  Contact Royal Chronicler at

Keeper of the Royal Seal:  The Keeper of the Seal is the personal scribe of the Crown and responsible for the illumination of all accolades to be presented by the Crown and its lords.  The Keeper is also responsible for conveying the written word of the Crown.  Contact the Keeper of the Royal Seal  at

Royal Steward:  The Royal Steward is responsible for the maintenance and growth of the fiefs of the Kingdom.  The Royal Steward also maintains the kingdom event calendar.  Contact Royal Steward  at

High Constable:  The High Constable is responsible for the arbitration of boarder disputes between the fiefs of the Kingdom.  The High Constable also maintains all realm war records and aids in the facilitation of Crown War contests.  Contact the High Constable at