Fiefs of The Kingdom of Ardesca


The Duchy of Harrurðr

Harrurðr is inspired by Old Norse ways, but we accept all who wish to participate with us. We are committed to creating a land that will be known throughout the realm for its creativity, martial prowess, and camps filled with good will and laughter.

Ducal Estates of Harrurðr

Jarn Ari Ey (Iron Eagle Island)

The Norse Keep of Jarn Ari Ey (Iron Eagle Island) is centered in Oak Harbor, WA.  Our branch consists of warriors and artisans alike, all with the goal of fostering a fun and creative atmosphere for any who are interested in the EMP.

Time period/place: Jarn Ari Ey focuses on the early Viking culture, roughly 790 C.E.- 900 C.E.


Hrafn Halda

We are the stronghold Hrafn Halda, hailing from Bellingham, Washington. We are a branch of the Kingdom of Ardesca in the Empire of Medieval Pursuits.The purpose of our Norse stronghold is to provide a fortified location for allied forces to gather afar for the defense of our lands


Viadrina is located in the Northlands (Canada) on the border to the Lands in the South (U.S.A.) We hold the North side of a key border crossing (Lynden / Aldergrove) and protect the trade routes, keeping them safe for travelers and merchants alike.

Our branch focuses on the recreation of medieval culture and combat. We embrace the tenants of feudalism, where the Lords/Ladies of the branch hold this land for the Crown, having complete authority over it as well as complete responsibility for it.

The County of Avernus

The county of Avernus is formed by treaty between al-Madeena, Eitrmarr, and Cadair Idris, and is styled as a Western European feudal conglomeration with a distinctly underworld/Danse Macabre motif.

County Estates of Avernus

Cadair Idris

The Stedding of Cadair Idris was founded by Welsh mercenaries and their families.  Veterans of the campaigns of Crecy and Poitiers, they became disillusioned with the established order that was powerless against to the Black Death, and returned to their homelands, some returning to their traditional beliefs. We welcome any refuges of this war- and plague-ravaged world who find their way across the marshes to our mountain. Our artisans pursue the arts and crafts of their forbearers; while the warriors maintain their skills with blade and  bow, ever ready to defend their territory…or enlarge it, when the time is right…Until that day, come fight, drink and dance and howl at the moon around the watchfires as the mist rises. Cadair Idris-the wilder side of the 14th Century.
Our branch focuses on the recreation of medieval culture and combat. We embrace the tenants of feudalism, where the Lords/Ladies of the branch hold this land for the Crown, having complete authority over it as well as complete responsibility for it.

Al Madeena


Eitrmarr’s goal is to bring a congenial, clan-like structure to the lower Puget Sound region. The branch will primarily be following a 12th-13th century Northern European theme, such as Viking, Norse, Celtic, Scandinavian, Icelandic, with some Siberian or Russian influences as well. An emphasis will be placed on the domestic Arts and Sciences, as well as fighter support for our branch and the entire Kingdom of Ardesca.

Kingdom Fiefs



The Freeport of Annarheim is based upon remnants of Viking controlled Duchy of Normandy circa 1204 A.D (the year that France conquered continental Normandy and added it back to the Royal Demesne).  Annarheim considers itself an outpost of its former Duchy, and is the last bastion of resistance against the Franks reclaiming the coast. The Freeport of Annarheim is centered on modern day Le Treport, France on the Norman Coast.  Being a conglomerate of disparate individuals and survivors; Annarheim (New Home in Old Norse) follows a loose system, mostly decided by current leadership.


Barony of Arandor

The Barony of Arandor is founded among the Empire of Medieval Pursuits as a western European feudal state. It shall emulate 10th-14th century Europe (France /Germany / England / Spain etc) as well as being steeped in the myth and legend of the time(Arthurian myth, celtic fae etc). The sigil of Arandor shall be a Golden Dragon Rampant, faced dexter.  The colors of Arandor shall be a blue field topped with black crenulations. The motto of our domain shall be “ Non Ad Regendum Ducit Ad Serviendum” Lead in order to serve, not in order to rule. Its borders shall extend from Mount Vernon WA, 50 miles north and south along the kings highway 5, and east to the mountains.


The ancient state of Aquilonia was ruled by Conan in life, and his spirit rules it after his death.  Aquilonia is dedicated to his spirit and lives to follow the way of his world.  It is I, Talock that has been tasked from our distant land to educate you about the workings of your possession. 


Clan Volos

Based around the what if concept of the Knight classes from many different cultures coming together forming a band of brothers. Spanning a vast realm from Kiruna, Norway, down to Sarai, the beginning of the Silk Road. Existing between 1000 AD, and 1400 AD, Clan Volos saw the rise and fall of the Golden Horde, and having traveled most of the old world we have adopted many skills, philosophies, and traditions both in the arts and in the art of war.


Company of the White Wolf

The company of the White Wolf is a group of practitioners of Medieval European Martial Arts, organized in the manner of a XIVth to XVth century Tourney Company in times of peace, and a Free Company of Knights, in times of war.

Freehold of the Vale

The Freehold of the Vale is part of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits representing a village in England before the Norman invasion.  It shall emulate the period between 7th-12th century Europe as well as being steeped in the myth and legend of the time (Arthurian myth, Celtic, fae…).


HighGuard is a mercenary group based in the time of the 100 Years War (1330s-1450s). At this point in time gathered forces under the French army,including mercenaries from Ireland, Scotland, Germany and France, united for one common goal: To push back the invading English and reclaim their homelands, and maybe make a few pence on the side, and at three pence a day a mercenary can live well and indulge of the spoils of plunder.

Marauding Corsair of House Ischarri

The Marauding Corsair of House Ischarri is a freeport located on the Island of Nassau, home to Barbary Corsairs, merchants, and wanderers of all ilks. Based in Scappoose, OR.

House of the Bloody Raven

We are Viking(ish) farmers from around 950 AD. A household of the EMP, we are generally friendly farmers, but have been known to lend our arms for a just cause (or the right price.) We do get restless.

Karma Legio

Karma Legio is a Roman and Viking themed Branch of the Empire of Medieval Pursuits, Comprised of (but not limited to) Warriors, Artisans, and Citizens alike. Based on the outskirts of the Empire in Britannia.

Nox Aeterna

Nox Aeterna purpose is to celebrate and honor the folklore and superstitions of the 15th century when the hostilities of the Ottoman Empire were stopped from invading the kingdoms that would later be called Romania.

Although Nox Aeterna draws its strengths from the Carpathian Mountains in the west of Transylvania, it will be governed from Mt Vernon, WA.



We are the mighty, wise and courageous bear! Overwatch is located in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina near Asheville and re-enacts medieval Celtic culture. Our group consist of fighters and artisans alike and we welcome anyone to visit or join in on our fun.

The Gauntlet and Rose

The Gauntlet and Rose, comes together as a group of nobles, warriors, and friends to both organize and sponsor chivalrous tournaments of combat at arms, campaign in Buhourt steel, rattan, and foam weapons of the time period,  in the USA and beyond; to further invest in the perpetual consulting, planning, organizing, promoting, and coordinating financial and logistical support for securing travel, lodging and venues for historic tournament events; and we seek to educate and inspire others to do the same.  Those of The Gauntlet and Rose who do not actively compete in tournaments support the organizing and coordination and communication of hosting chivalrous tournaments of combat at arms, as well as venturing into endeavors of food, drink, textile, art, music, dance, culture, and recounting events of historical significance in 14th Century Germany and throughout Europe in general.

The Abbey of the Wanton Wailing War Widows

The purpose of the Abbey is to provide succor to the proven widows and orphans of the many wars both in and outside of Ardesca. It shall be understood that these tortured souls have many varied wants and needs, and it is the charitable purpose of the denizens of the abbey to assist them in their quest for satiation.

The Exarchs

 The Exarchs are priestly judges, comprised of formers leaders within the Kingdom of Ardesca, dedicated to the study of science and divinity. Through understanding our past and exploring our future, the members of the Exarchs shall be vigilant in assisting others in establishing good order through study and preserving the values of our society while always looking to the future. As former leaders, the Exarchs are resolute in utilizing their acquired knowledge to further the Kingdom and it's peoples.

 The Grand Monastery of the Exarchs is located deep within the tranquil foothills of the Cascade Mountain range [29800 NE 193rd Pl Duvall, Wa. 98019].

The Savage Lands

The Longboat

An exploring Viking Longboat crew circa 900 AD meets.

Travellers Rest

Located in Denver,CO, Travellers Rest is to provide a home; a place for the strong, the weak, and the homeless. To give hope,when all hope is gone.  To give to the Kingdom a place to teach the Art of Combat, as well as the Gentle Arts such as Wood Working, Leather Crafting , Cooking, Sewing, and many others, of the times of our kingdom.

We are a collective of people from all around the world. Travellers in between destinations. A  few Danes, Normans, Irish, Germans, Saxons and many others.