Proclamation From Phoenices Aureum

With the heartbreaking death of the Black Phoenix, We send to every citizen of Ardesca, this message, spoken to each one of you with the same depth of feeling as if we were able to cross your threshold and speak to you directly.


As it is with every loss of a Phoenix, the dawn of rebirth casts the Golden hue of the new Phoenix fire upon our people. With this dawn, we promise to bring knowledge, understanding, and order to all corners of the realm. So that the loyal people of Ardesca may thrive and flourish in their own pursuits and goals with in these lands. We look forward to supporting those pursuits, be they martial, artistic, or in the service to your fellow citizens.  We give our heartfelt thanks to those who supported our efforts for the Crown and look ahead to a bright future for all of Ardesca.



In solemn pledge to whatever service or sacrifice the flames may demand of us.




Their Majesties


Phoenīcēs Aureum

Turalyon Devereux and Alanna Devereux





  • The Reign of Phoenīcēs Aureum begins.
  • The Black Crusade has claimed the life of the Black Phoenix, as prophesied by The Morrigan
  • Satheian di Arandor made Baron of Arnador
  • Kreiger Ulfblood Berserk made Warden of the South.