Citizens of Ardesca! 

  Seven times has the Sun turned on the Monarchs of Ardesca. Life, Death and Rebirth are the Markers of the Phoenix Throne.
In this 8th turning of the Sol, I came from the Lands of the North and claimed my right as Leader of this regal Kingdom. The Gods saw fit to test my resolve by sending the Honorable Roman leader Ceret with her Bold Warlord Fenris Kriegsang to lead the troops against us.
The day was mighty. Many acts of bravery and honor were witnessed. Off the field of war, fingers wove deft arts to claim Winds of War in support of their chosen leaders.
In the end, My army was triumphant. The doors of the Castle burst inward to free the mighty Lasiurus Cinereus. In celebration, the Dread Hersir poured countless beverages to slake the mighty thirst of a Kingdom. Dinosaurs ran rampant on the Eric, and Musicians Sounded their siren calls to dancers for delectable entertainment.
We are indebted to those who supported us both on the field and off, and We are greatly thankful for the opportunities ahead of us. Finally, we are beholden to those oaths given and received that fine day.
We will be traveling the lands to meet with Lords, Citizens and friends alike. Where I look forward to working with them to learn the desires and goals of our Kingdom's Great Citizens. And help Ardesca continue to grow and stregnthen under the flames of the Pheonix.

Be well, Act with Honor, and Celebrate the Fires of the Phoenix.
So say I, Silver Phoenix of Ardesca,
Your Queen, Aloya Menher